the. name’s. Rhyia.

May 23, 2008 at 10:02 pm (Personal)

Me? well….

i am the most imperfect girl you will ever meet, but that’s what makes my life amazing and interesting. what’s the world without faults? 

Things you may not know

  • i love to dance in the rain just for the hell of it. 
  • i have too many habits to count (maybe ill name some on this…?)
  • i’m clumsy, and i manage to trip over and run into anything and everything.
  • i have very violent arguements with myself.     
  • i’d much rather be nestled under a blanket reading a good book, than out partying it up and getting drunk till i cant stand upright.
  • i don’t capitalize my “i”s (habit #1)
  • i’m a hopless romantic, i love the thought of having someone cherish me. (pssh- who doesnt?)
  • i  get sidetracked by shiny things a lot. (habit #2) 
  • i dream of proving myself to those who have always believed me invisble.
  • i have to put my little sister’s dolls in the closet whenever i see them. (agh- i HATE those things, you never know when theyll activate that plan that theyve been grinning about for years… habit #3)
  • my family and my few close friends mean the world to me (even though theyre raving lunatics)
  • i spell “yeah” like this -> “yhea”. (habit #4) 
  • oh and i fully support werewolves 🙂 (you’ll have to ask me about that- hilarious story…)   


i’m not that complicated. just an ordinary book worm teenager. (no i dont wear dorky glasses or recite the dictionary for fun) i’m just here to enjoy myself and get my writer’s block out of my way, so then i can get started on that wonderful idea that ive been trying to put down on paper for YEARS.


so that’s it for my first “Post” then i guess.  (Nya, i just reread it, im such a freaking rambler *sigh*)



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